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Although this year so far has taken me to Sweden (post to come later), the UK twice and Spain for a birthday celebration, my focus for the rest of the year will be on hearth and home, creating a family retreat in the English countryside; a little cottage surrounded by woods and daffodil fields not too far from beautiful beaches.

So this month’s post takes a slightly different turn; aside from my usual format, I want, instead, to share with you a small selection of articles from some of my favourite travel magazines.

Some of the articles listed here are of places still on my bucket list for future exploration, and others are familiar to me; past journeys rich with memories of pinnacle moments in my life. So, find your comfortable reading place, relax and enjoy.

Paris in the steps of Simone de Beauvoir

This article reminds me so much of my first trip to the city of love many years back with my boyfriend at the time. And as quoted in the article; I too was young, young, young, smoked cigarettes and fell in love in Paris. Of course, being in the city of romance, that same boyfriend took the opportunity to propose atop the Eiffel Tower. We have been together ever since.

This article, however, aims toward a different kind of love; the love of books and takes us on a trip through the celebrated haunts of many literary icons.

The Geography of Happiness

This is by far my favourite magazine for travel literature. Every article is exquisitely written, and accompanied by clear, uncluttered imagery in a style all its own. It’s hard to pick just one article to share, however, the words of writer Richard Aslan send me to an ethereal place every time I read his words. This article is about what is said to be the happiest place on earth: Butan.

Aswan: The Great Divide

Anthony Sattin is an author and journalist specialising in travel and history. His writing usually focuses on off-piste journeys through the middle east, on which he has written several books and is a regular contributor to Conde Nast Traveller. I often dream of an old style slow cruise down the Nile, and Sattin’s words evoke vibrant mental images of the culture and lavish history along the Nile river and the countries along its banks.

Time in the Limestone hills

Toast is a fashion company with an online magazine of the same name. The magazine is presented in a beautifully gentle way and focuses on artisan makers from the UK and the world over. Its Travel and Place section is a favourite read of mine, from which I am sharing this article with you. Jessica Seaton, the company’s co-founder, has also written a delightful cookbook called Gather, Cook, Feast, which focuses on foraging and seasonal eating.

Virginia Woolf – To the lighthouse

I said it was hard to choose just one article by Richard Aslan, so here is another. The aforementioned property which we recently purchased, is in the area in which this story is set. Cornwall, UK is a favourite holiday destination for Brits and a muse for many artists and writers. In this article, Aslan ponders the childhood memories of Virginia Woolf’s family holidays in Cornwall. The lighthouse in this story also holds fond memories for my husband, whose childhood home overlooked Godrevy.

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